Living Portraits / Moving Illustrations

  • Role Creative Director / Research / Writer / Producer / Cinematographer
  • For ICR Discovery Center / Boston Skywalk Immigration Museum

Talking Portraits exhibit featured at Boston Immigration Museum, Prudential Tower Skywalk

Italian immigrant

Studio setup shooting all seven interactive performances in one take

Issiac Newton was positioned in a partial set. Physical props to interact with, and colums bordering a greenscreen.

ICR Discovery Center's Founders Hall. This presentation features six historic scientist engaged in conversation, supported by three untimed illustration, and one Living Illustration.

Portraits and Illustration are placed on three walls. In scripting this content, I distributed dialog among the portraits so that visitors need to continually turn their attention from wall to wall. This 'ping-pong' approach increases visitor engagement. The illustration hanging above the fireplace follows the conversation through head nods, blinks, and smiles, as an active listener.

Isaac Newton

Video content is treatment to 'age' the appearance, and add textural treatments so that the display appears convincingly as an oil paining.

The interest in Talking Portraits relies primarily on engaging content, but aspects of presentation; how exactly the display is treated defines the difference in appearing simply a TV in a frame, versus appearing as a true historic oil painting. If the distressing is done correctly the illustion of being an actual oil paiting will hold up even in closeup.

Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle display framed and mounted

Michael Faraday

Louis Pasteur

Johannes Kepler

James Prescott Joule

James Prescott Joule displayed framed and mounted

Living Portrait displays

Fineshed displays of Carver and Gutenberg

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver

Illustration sequence Carver

Johannes Gutenberg: The Printing Press

Illustration sequence Gutenberg

Matthew F Maury: Pathfinder of the Seas

Illustration sequence of Matthew Maury

Living Illustration of ICR founder Henry Morris II (H2)

This represents the final render of several test. We found if the movement was too slight it commanded little interest, however too much expression became distracting, and created the 'uncanny valley' concept