Scene of early American History

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Crispus Attucks at Boston Massacre March 5th, 1770

Quartering Act 1774

St John's Church, site of the Second Virginia Convention where Patrick Henry gave his famous speech. This event was witnessed by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson right under the noses of British authority.

British Regular

British Officer

Boston Colonist

Paul Revere rides to warn colonists at Lexington the night of April 18th, 1775

Colonial Militia

Patriot Farmer of Concord with her children

Patriot Farmer at Concord late morning April 19th, 1775

Battle of Concord April 19th, 1775

Battle of Concord

Colonial Militia

Colonial Militia

Wounded Colonial Militia in aftermath of Battle of Concord

Ben Franklin attends the Second Continental Congress to establish the United Colonies May 10th, 1775

Joseph Warren

After several failed attempts British Regulars seize Bunker Hill June 17th, 1775

Refugee of the burning of Charlestown from bombardment by British war ships

Sarah Fulton

George Washington officially takes command of the Continental Army July 3rd, 1775

William 'Billy' Lee

Soldier of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment

Quartermaster at Cambridge, MA

Ladies of King George III court

King George III issues his Proclamation of Rebellion and Sedition August 23rd, 1775

Molly Pitcher

Drummer Boy

King George III

Ben Franklin

Patrick Henry

Phyllis Wheatley

Molly Pitcher

Refugee of the British burning of Charlestown

Paul Revere